Arla organic milk

As the world’s largest producer of organic dairy, we guarantee that you always get 100% pure organic milk of the highest quality from happy free range cows.


The cows that produce our 100% pure Arla organic milk are free range, which means they have acres of lush green fields to call home.

Our organic milk complies fully with controlled organic standard. And our system of farming encourages wildlife by avoiding use of any manufactured chemical sprays and no artificial fertilisers or herbicides.

Happy and healthy free range cows produce more and better milk

Our cows graze on lush green grass

Our Arla organic milk is certified organic and comes from free range cows. Unlike conventional farming, our cows are grazed outside on lush green grass and are fed on a 100% organic diet.

Happy cows produce more and better milk which is why we only give our cows the finest natural feed. And make sure they’re well-fed, healthy and comfortable at all times.

Certified organic milk from Europe

Arla organic milk comes from our farmer-owned organic farms and dairies across Europe including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The majority of Arla organic milk in the UAE comes from farms in Denmark where it is safely UHT treated, packed and shipped.

100% pure organic milk for everyone

Every glass of Arla organic milk from free range cows is full of natural goodness for the whole family to enjoy, with a taste that is as fresh as nature intended.

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Free from preservatives

As our organic milk origins from Europe, we make sure to treat it at Ultra High Temperature (UHT) to extend its keeping qualities without using additives or preservatives.

Why UHT milk?

During production the milk is heated above 135 degrees centigrade for a minimum of one second, which destroys bacteria and microorganisms that could otherwise develop in the milk. The UHT treatment guarantees that our organic milk maintains all the natural goodness, vitamins and minerals of the fresh cow’s milk.

Frequently asked questions about Organic Milk

Read more about the benefits of Organic milk.

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Organic Milk Facts

Arla organic milk is not only tasty, it’s also naturally rich in vitamins, minerals & protein.

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Care in Every Step from farm to fridge

As a farmer owned dairy cooperative, we control the journey from our cows to you, securing the safety and quality of our Arla organic milk.

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Our vision for organic dairy

We want Arla organic dairy products to be accessible and affordable to all and make an effort to spread more knowledge about organic products and production.

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