Safe and fresh

We are committed to world-class food safety. Arlagården® is our programme to ensure dairy milk of high quality.

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Everybody wants their food to be pure and clean.  Our farmers feel the same way. We constantly monitor the quality of our milk, testing the milk several times during its journey to you. The results of these tests are documented to ensure consistent quality and safe, clean products.

As fresh as it gets

Our farmers milk their cows every day. Straight after milking the milk is cooled to a safe storage temperature on the farm. We then collect the milk from our farms every - or every other day, so when the milk reaches the dairy it is still cool and fresh.

World class food safety programme

Arla farmers have a unique quality programme, Arlagården®, which sets high standards for how our milk is produced. This includes checking the cows daily to make sure they are healthy and in good condition. Arlagården® is unique in our industry because we work closely with our farmers and offer them advisory services to help them achieve high milk quality. The price our farmers receive for their milk depends on its quality and we use external audits to ensure farmers follow the high quality standards set out in Arlagården®. This provides you with the security that Arla supplies consistently high quality and safe products.

Free from antibiotics and hormones

In line with European standards, Arla farmers do not give hormones to their cows to increase the amount of milk they produce. The cows do fine on their own, and when they’re well fed and looked after, they will each produce 25-30 litres of high quality, nutritious milk every day. If a cow does get sick, sometimes it has to be treated with antibiotics. When this happens, the cow’s milk is separated and is not included in the milk that goes to the dairy. The vet will decide when the treatment is complete. We always document how many antibiotics are given and to which cow. 


The origin of our milk is fully traceable. We know which farmers’ milk was delivered to the dairy and in which tanker and we know which cows were at the farm. Each cow wears a tag on its ears and its whereabouts are documented.

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