Milk is unique

Our fresh dairy milk is naturally nutritious and we transform it into hundreds of delicious dairy products to help you enjoy a healthier life

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The milk from our farmers’ cows is the main ingredient of Arla’s dairy products. We produce hundreds of different dairy products - and whichever Arla product you choose, you can be sure it is packed with the natural, nutritious qualities of our milk.

Milk is a natural food source

Milk is the natural source of all our dairy products, and we like to keep it that way. It takes a special combination of traditional craftsmanship and new technology to make our dairy products while maintaining our milks’ natural goodness. And, of course, we use carefully selected ingredients, additives, and natural flavourings.

Milk in all our dairy products

Our milk is used in a wide variety of ways and its goodness can be found in every one of our many dairy products. 

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Calcium packed and full of vitamins

Milk contains many nutrients that your body needs to function properly, feel well and get the most out of life. It can help make you stronger, grow, learn, play and meet your daily challenges – not just as a child, but all throughout your life. 

The good stuff in dairy products