Organic and Arla

We would love to be known as the dairy company that does the most to expand organic products in the Middle East, to make it more accessible and relevant to a large group of consumers.


As the world's, largest producer of organic dairy products, we make a big difference within both environment and animal welfare by launching new organic products high in quality, at an affordable price.

But we can't do that alone of course - it takes both highly-skilled farmers, a forward-looking retail industry, and you as consumer to embrace organic products.

Back in 1988, Arla received the first batch of organic milk and the Danish brand Harmonie was introduced in 1996. At Arla, we have the organic experience which dates many years back.

Together, we make a difference through:

  • Arla's organic farms do not use pesticides.
  • Arla's 100,000 organic cows are on grass during 6 months of spring, summer and fall.
  • Arla's organic cows always get 100 % organic feed.
  • Arla's organic farms contribute to greater biodiversity, like more butterflies.
  • Arla's organic farms have up to 30 % more plant species.
  • The organic regulations contain rules to improve animal welfare.
  • Arla contributes to securing an organic agriculture area of 1,243 square kilometres in Denmark.
  • Organic farms only use domestic animal fertilizer, they do not use artificial fertilizers.