Living lactose free

Feel Good Milk

A lighter lifestyle at your fingertips!

Set your day to a lighter & energetic start with Arla Lactose Free Organic Milk infused with your coffee, cereals, and smoothies.

Enjoy the benefits of Lactose Free milk without compromising on taste or health benefits.

Feel Good Milk

Let's talk about Lactose Free

Why Arla lactose free?

100% organic lactose free milk

The cows that produce our Arla Organic Lactose Free Milk are free range, which means they have acres of lush green fields to call home. Our organic milk complies fully with controlled organic standards, and our systems of farming encourages wildlife by avoiding the use of any manufactured chemical sprays and no artificial fertilisers or herbicides.

100% organic lactose free milk

Free from preservatives

Arla Organic Lactose Free Milk origins from our farms in Europe. We make sure to treat it at Ultra High Temperature (UHT) to extend its keeping qualities without using additives or preservatives. The fresh milk is heated above 135 degrees centigrade for a minimum of one second, which destroys bacteria and microorganisms that could otherwise develop in the milk. And then we simply remove the lactose. The UHT treatment guarantees that our Organic Lactose Free milk maintains all the natural goodness, vitamins and mineral of fresh cow’s milk.

Free from preservatives
Arla Lactofree

Your lactose-free choice

Choosing a life without lactose shouldn't stop you enjoying dairy. With Arla Organic Lactose Free Milk, you won’t miss out on any of the things you love about milk. 

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