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​Welcome to parenthood. The land of unconditional love and never-ending doubts! And welcome to our world of organic. You’re probably new here, but we are here to help: By encouraging a natural approach to parenting. By inspiring you to grow naturally into your new role and let your baby develop at a natural pace. And by offering pure, organic products for your little one - giving you a little less to worry about.

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A positive pregnancy test is a massive game changer for any parent to be. Here our four mums from across the world let you in on their personal and emotional journeys of expecting a child and becoming a mother.

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Natural parenting

Finding your own way of parenting isn’t easy. But taking a more natural approach can ease the pressure. Be inspired to trust your own instinct and allow yourself to grow into the new role.

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Organic living

Becoming a parent often increases awareness of healthy habits and food safety – just as it has for our v-log mums. Here they share their experiences of going organic and give you their best tips, if you want to give it try too.

See more mums share their inner thoughts and honest stories of motherhood.

From baby milk to family meals

My First Food Guide

Establishing healthy food habits for your little one is both exiting and exhausting. Stroll through this little guiding tool to learn what to introduce when and what signs to look for.


Dear mum

​Babies don’t come with a manual. And at times the big responsibility and the countless doubts can be overwhelming. But hey, it’s only natural. Just as the Arla Baby&Me Organic range -  based on 100% organic milk. Dive into our inspirational universe developed to support your journey through motherhood.


Early life nutrition with organic milk

Arla Baby&Me organic is our nutritious range of 100% organic food based baby food, created to give our little ones a naturally good start in life. Because we believe babies deserve the purest and best ingredients we only use certified organic milk and do not add sucrose, salt or preservatives.

Mum to mum vlogs

On never ending doubts

Are you new to Motherhood and full of doubt? Here is one thing you can be sure of: You are not alone! 

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On social pressure

​Are you getting too much ‘good’ advice? Rest assured, you are not the only mum feeling weighed down by social pressure.

Mum to mum vlogs

On healthy habits and hassles

​Growing an interest in healthy organic living, but not sure how to get started? Watch how three different mums tackle the hassles of getting new habits.

Hungry for new recipes for both you and your little one?

Our baby recipes are organized by age, so you can easily and quickly find a recipe that suits your child's needs. And there is also a little collection of inspiring recipes for yourself! Bon appetite!